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Matisse Black Enamel (with Gold speckles) & Copper Necklace

Matisse Black Enamel (with Gold speckles) & Copper Necklace ‘Nefertiti' design.
Designed by: Jerry Fels of California 1952-64 Marked: ‘Matisse'
Condition: Good

Length: 13” (33cm) + 4½” (11.5cm) adjustable chain

Ref: MB659
This beautiful necklace is made from copper with a black enamel which is speckled with gold.  This is a sophisticated, stunning version of the Egyptian inspired ‘Nefertiti' design and when worn with a black dress, would turn heads on any occasion.  This necklace is wonderfully articulated and moves with the wearer.  The scientific symbol for copper is ‘cu' which comes from the word ‘Cyprium'  which is the latin word for Cyprus which was the Roman source for copper.  From ‘Cyprium' come the metal's Latin name ‘cuprum'.  From Cyprus copper would have been traded to all the countries surrounding the Mediterranean .