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GEORG JENSEN Bracelet Dove and Moonstones TOP VIEW

GEORG JENSEN Bracelet Dove and Moonstones

GEORG JENSEN Bracelet Dove and Moonstones

Georg Jensen Silver & Moonstone Bracelet with Bird
Size: 7.5"x 3/4" (19 cm x 1.5 cm)
Designed by Georg Jensen early C20th.
Manufactured: Post 1945
Design No. 24
Price: £1,600

Note: This beautiful bracelet is in good condition and is another heirloom piece from the Georg Jensen Silversmithy. Georg Jensen breathed life into the silver he worked with and the blue light of the moonstones perfectly complements the glow of the silver and is typical of the Georg Jensen organic design. Jensen integrated the 'dove' design into various pieces of his jewellery output, including brooches, buckles, ear-rings and rings, using many different stones. He purchased the dove design from Christian Mohl-Hansen, the Danish painter, in the earliest days of his workshop (1904) and it became one of his most popular designs, illustrating his love of nature which influenced his work.