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Studio Else & Paul Pendant ‘Abstract Sun’
Studio Else & Paul Pendant ‘Abstract Sun’

Studio Else & Paul Pendant ‘Abstract Sun’
Hadelund, Norway
Size: Length: 2 ½ ins (5 cm)
Width: 2 5/16 ins (6 cm)
Manufactured: c. 1970
Ref: 1006
Price: £325
Else Bernstein Hughes (1938 – 2002) and Paul C. Hughes (1934 – 1981) met in 1959 at the Central School of Arts & Crafts in London.  Later they established their own workshop ‘Studio Else & Paul’ in Hadelund, Nr Oslo, Norway.  They became pioneers in the studio silver movement in Norway.
This pendant is a rare example of the 1970's ‘new’ look, using the technique called ‘lost-wax’ or ‘à cire perdue’ method.  The jewellery is first modelled in wax, then a mould of plaster is cast around it.  The wax melts when heated – liquid silver is poured into the mould while it rotates.
When removed from the mould, the piece is hand-finished and a layer of 999 pure silver is added for the final finish and this will not tarnish.  The work of Else & Paul is now avidly sought after, although in their early years, they were considered too advant garde for most people.
Pieces of their work is limited as, after the death of Paul in 1981, Else concentrated on sculpting and no more jewellery was produced.